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2019 Annual Meeting Highlights

The 2019 OSP meeting was held on July 26, 2019 at the OSU Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa Oklahoma.  As in last year’s meeting, this meeting was a joint effort with the Tulsa Chapter for Neuroscience and the Tulsa Area Bioscience Education and Research Consortium (TABERC).  Outstanding oral presentations were delivered by six undergraduate students of the TABERC group.  Dr. Robert Thunhorst from the University of Iowa gave a wonderful keynote address related to aging and thirst.  Dr. Al Rouch moderated the OSP-hosted panel discussion on enhancing research activities in Oklahoma.  Dr. Misty Hawkins from OSU in Stillwater gave an exciting talk on the “Brain Initiative” project and the current efforts being made to develop a Neuroscience graduate program at OSU.  Dr. Kath Curtis started the meeting by leading a special tribute to Dr. Diana Spencer, Director of the Biotechnology Department at Tulsa Community College.  Dr. Spencer has worked tirelessly throughout her career to educate and train students in biotechnology, molecular biology, and the biomedical sciences.  She served as a true leader in organizing numerous scientific meetings and evaluating student research presentations.  As Diana now moves on to retirement, she will be missed but not forgotten.        

2018 Meeting Highlights

The 2018 OSP meeting was held on July 23, 2018 at the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa.  The meeting was a great success with enthusiastic participation from faculty, staff, and students (graduate, medical, undergraduate, and high school).  The meeting was jointly held with the Tulsa Neuroscience Society led by Dr. Dolores Vazquez Sanroman, and the Tulsa Area Bioscience Education Consortium (TABERC) led by Dr. Kath Curtis.  Dr. Nurulain Zaveri delivered a fantastic keynote address on the opioid crisis.  Cornell Cross from the OCAST grant funding agency talked to the scientists about how to be competitive in obtaining research funding from OCAST.  Dr. Al Rouch gave a presentation on the past history and future plans of OSP.  A special “Speed Data” activity occurred during our poster session where individuals introduced themselves to each other in a one-on-one format and discussed their research activities.  And for a great finale, Dr. Kath & Tom Curtis hosted a wonderful social event at their house the night after the meeting.

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