List of Current Members

Faculty Members

Spencer Diana PhD TCC Biotechnology [email protected]
Thompson Nick TCC [email protected]
Eberhard Alissa TCC [email protected]
Gaikwad Jonathan ORU [email protected]
Gaikwad Joel ORU
Sloan Dusti PhD TCC [email protected]
Ostimo Lydia TCC [email protected]
Airhart Janice TCC [email protected]
Longden Chalisa TCC [email protected]
Casey Kyle TCC [email protected]
Curtis Tom PhD OSU-CHS [email protected]
Dao Nigel OSU-CHS [email protected]
Forrester Brian TCC [email protected]
Gaglia Rebecca [email protected]
Breslin Florence TC SfN [email protected]
Eveland Sierrra TCC [email protected]
Brawdy Timothy TCC [email protected]
Eslinger Christy TCC/OSU
Sandoval Stephanie TCC/OSU
Noble Tyler Taberc NSU [email protected]
DeFreitas Jason [email protected]
Kennedy Ashley TCC [email protected]
Jones Alexis PhD NSU [email protected]
Marino Julie PhD OU [email protected]
Bowen Jerry PhD RSU [email protected]
Safdal Faiz Taberc
Haziitt Rachel TCC
Trujano Ana TCC [email protected]
DasBrado Sapna PhD NSU [email protected]
Das Subhas PhD OSU-CHS [email protected]
Das Shwetanshu HS
Ribets Ange-belle TCC [email protected]
Cook Emily HS [email protected]
Miller Kenneth OSU-CHS [email protected]
Kumar Vaisnnai HS [email protected]
Anderson Michael OSU-CHS [email protected]
Platt Anna OSU [email protected]
Akeman Elisabeth Laureate [email protected]
Barrera Alejandra OSU [email protected]
Hernandez Jesus OSU [email protected]
Kaneta Laura ORU [email protected]
Magrini Mitchel OSU [email protected]
Tombridge Kathryn Laureate [email protected]
Aupperle Robin Laureate [email protected]
McGlothlin Stephanie OSU-CHS [email protected]
Davil Randall PhD OSU-CHS [email protected]
Abraham Jyoti PhD Bacone [email protected]
Gujar Vikram OSU-CHS [email protected]
Redman Katelyn OSU [email protected]
Hamilton Stacey OSU [email protected]
Francis Amie OSU-CHS [email protected]
Figueroa Leandra OSU-CHS [email protected]
Buck Daniel OSU-CHS [email protected]
Benjamin Bruce OSU-CHS [email protected]
Hebert Connie TCC [email protected]
McCracken Kelly OSU-CHS [email protected]
Chary Parvathi TCC [email protected]
O'Meilia Janice TCC [email protected]
Curtis Kath OSU-CHS [email protected]

Student Members

Waturuocha Chiedozie PhD OSU-CHS Pharmacology and Physiology [email protected]
Delaney Dalton DO/PhD OSU-CHS Pharmacology and Physiology [email protected]

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